Below are just a few of our customers testimonials

“I do believe the service we received from the whole of your team was excellent and will continue to recommend you to other people looking at Solar PV

Peter Warters

“Everything was conducted very well from start to finish, we would certainly recommend you to others who are looking for Solar PV”

Mark Casey – Blackburn

“I would be happy to recommend this company to anyone considering solar PV panels. Really good company and excellent staff”

Miss J Ashness – Alton

“Very pleased with everyone connected with this job” - Solar PV fitted by our professional team.

D Sandford – Ryhill

“My system is rated at 3.5 KW and the return has been fantastic I am expecting a return of over £1300 in FIT payments per year( to date I have had £229 and £669 with over £300 due next month not expecting much in the last qtr) and this has been, statistically, a very bad year. In addition my electricity usage has dropped by over 25%.

This is over 10% return on investment although you have to take into account the capital has gone. Having said that in my view this is a no brainer, the whole system is guaranteed for 5 years and the panels for either 10 or 20 years. The repayment or FIT scheme is government backed and inflation linked for the next 25 years.

The other comment I would make is buyer beware Solar Power is a cowboy industry and the only supplier I can recommend is Viscount. We have been totally satisfied as has my daughter. If you want to see a cowboy installation I can show you one and this was installed by a local firm. I personally spent weeks studying solar panels getting expert independent advice and my first conclusion was that I would be an idiot not to pursue this because I had the cash in the bank gathering dust my house was south facing and so on. The real difficulty was who do I get to do the job and after several quotes etc I went for Viscount, they are very competitive and more importantly were very efficient considerate and informative. I have absolutely no regrets whatsoever with my installation and recommending them.
If you want to further research this then Google “FEED IN TARIFF”

You are more than welcome to come here and look at my system and I can give you masses of data as I have been monitoring it daily since its installation in January.

Visit www.viscountsolar.com for more information or I have passed my email to Viscount Solar so that you can contact me about my Solar PV Installation.

Mr Jackson, Burnley

A week and a bit in to my solar system, I am writing to express my pleasure at the way you and your company have dealt with the entire process from start to finish. My initial phone call was dealt with in an extremely professional, knowledgeable and ‘non pushy’ way, which immediately gave me confidence. Subsequent meetings with you and your colleague were also excellent, you listened carefully to my queries and concerns and created a system that was tailor made for me. I found the fact that your firm provides help with the admin involved in getting feed in tariff payments a very positive feature of your service. The installation was EXCELLENT…scaffolding one day, installation between 8.45 am and 2.45pm the next, and scaffolding taken away the day after…what more could a customer ask for? Oh…and NO mess! To date according to the dial I have generated 64.4 Kwh… not bad!!! I am entirely happy to recommend your firm to others.

Perhaps (funds permitting) we may do business again in the future. Thank you, and best wishes.

Bridget Duncan – Pontefract